Sing Out for Justice

The Poetry and Passion of the Hebrew Prophets

Ray Vincent

Heart of Oneness

a little book of connection

Jennifer Kavanagh

Authority of Service and Love, The

A Recovery of Meaning

Roger Payne

Why Progressives Need God

An ethical defence of monotheism

Jonathan Clatworthy

Shaken Path, The

A Christian Priest's Exploration of Modern Pagan Belief and Practice

Paul Cudby

Death of the Church and Spirituality Reborn, The

What is the point of a religion - any religion?

Reverend John

Lives Around Us, The

Daily Meditations for Nature Connection

Dan Papworth

Meeting Evil with Mercy

An Anglican priest's bold answer to atrocity - reflections upon the ministry of Martin Israel

Philip Pegler

Lost Narrative of Jesus, The

deciphering the transfiguration

Peter Cresswell

Trouble with Christianity, The

A Psychological Perspective

Richard Markham Oxtoby

Divine justice, worldly justice, the kingdom of God Dec 4 2017

What is the difference between divine justice and worldly justice? God has the power to prevent everyone from ever acting unjustly, but he doesn’t have the power to make everyone act justly as a ...

Religion: Belief in the Past or Belief in the Future? Sep 18 2017

Inter-faith dialogue is one of the most encouraging developments of our time and a way of promoting and creating peace. However, in my view it often makes the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on...

Where has God gone? Aug 2 2017

Where has God gone? That’s a question that has echoed throughout history. We can travel back through the outrages of the Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing hearing the cries of those whose lives have be...

Brokenness - Paul Cudby Jun 10 2017

Tomorrow the church remembers the post-Easter encounter Jesus had with two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus, and how they didn't recognise him until that moment when he broke bread with them. (T...

Dreams and Resurrection: An Excerpt Sep 6 2016

Dreams and Resurrection On Immortal Selves, Psychedelics, and Christianity By Jack Call That isn’t to say that art needs to be expressly dedicated to Christian worship or to any kind of wor...

Reviews for Meeting Evil With Mercy Aug 22 2016

Meeting Evil with Mercy came out in June 2016, and as been very well received. Quotes from reviews below give a sense of the power and significance of  Philip Pegler's book, which sets out to be a "b...

Childhood Abuse and Thinking About Our Thinking Aug 15 2016

by Sherri L. Board, Co-author of What We're Afraid to Ask: 365 Days of Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse   Years ago, I shared this saying with a therapist, as I was seeking help...