Blue Sky God

Blue Sky God

The Evolution of Science and Christianity

Quantum consciousness, morphic fields and blue-sky thinking about God and Jesus the Christ


Blue Sky God interprets some new scientific theories with blue sky thinking to bring radical insights into God, Jesus and humanity, drawing also on some deep wells from the past in the writings of the early Christians. In an accessible style, it looks at science research and theories in areas such as quantum physics and consciousness, epigenetics, morphic resonance and the zero point field. From there, seeing God as the compassionate consciousness at the ground of being, it draws together strands to do with unitive consciousness and the Wisdom way of the heart. Throughout, it seeks to encourage an evolution in understanding of the Christian message by reinterpreting much of the theological language and meaning that has become orthodoxy in the West. In doing so, it challenges many of the standard assumptions of Western Christianity. It outlines a spiritual path that includes elements from all of the great religions of the world, is not exclusive, and yet has a place of centrality for Jesus the Christ as a Wisdom teacher of the path of transformative love.


Blue Sky God takes new approaches within various scientific disciplines and applies them to the human spiritual path. God is seen as the compassionate consciousness in which we live and move and have our being. Blue Sky God also looks at epigenetics-the study of how genes are switched on and off by our thoughts and feelings, at both conscious and subconscious levels, by chemicals messengers. This defines how our cells behave, our health and welfare. Our thoughts and feelings, our attitudes and habits have much influence over our genes. A second area of biology discussed is morphic fields. This theory states that each species has an energy field that holds information about that species, he morphic field for humanity holds information about us as a human race-our potential, our behaviour, our abilities. The essence of spirituality described in Blue Sky God is that it is a way of opening the heart to divine compassionate consciousness, and it shows a central role for meditation and contemplative prayer. ~ , Watkins Mind Body Spirit

Best book of its kind on the market. Very current. Superbly researched. Really well written. Very readable. Brilliantly draws together all the latest research and pulls it all together to make sound sense. All it requires is an open mind and an open heart. A book for everyone who recognises that the Church as an organisation has lost it's way. People are no longer buying the way the message has been distorted to manipulate and control mankind by filling them with " the fear of God". He strips all that away to reveal the simplicity at the core of the Christian message, reinterpreting the truth in a way that has the potential to lift the world and everyone in it. ~ Alison R. Nicholls, Amazon UK

5 * review. An accessible and stimulating read. This books sits well on my shelf with those from such authors as Erwin Lazlo, Dana Zohar, Peter Russell and Bruce Lipton. Don makes what could be a difficult subject accessible and interesting to read. His Christianity is about horizons, not boundaries and this book will help many to move on beyond the limitations of traditional doctrinal belief systems. ~ Brian Holley, Amazon UK

5* review: An important and challenging book As someone who has increasingly become interested in the apparent complementarity between much of the teachings of modern science and the ancient mystics, this study brilliantly brings together much of the new writings in this area. In a very well researched and simply explained text, MacGregor succeeds in demystifying a difficult topic whilst challenging a radical new way of interpreting the message of the Christian tradition. As other reviewers have commented, for an Anglican priest, this is a brave position to take, but one that seems very timely and necessary. Re-presentations of The Lord's Prayer and other familiar texts that might come closer to their original meaning than common interpretations are particularly helpful. So too, for those hungry for more, the sign-posting to a wide range of writing and other resources provided is very useful. This is a book that deserves to be read by a wide audience - to help encourage debate on how much we really understand about the Christian message. Thoroughly recommended. ~ Clive Johnson, Amazon UK

5* review: God as Compassionate Consciousness 'Blue Sky God' is excellent, thought provoking and compelling in both style and content. This book is an ideal read for those who feel increasingly restless and dissatisfied with the narrow and limiting view of God, as so often presented in traditional Christian theology. Don MacGregor guides us through cutting edge views and discoveries in the world of quantum physics, whilst also encouraging us to open our minds to reinterpreting our understanding of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The result is an amazing weaving together of science and theology in a way that quite simply 'makes sense' to both mind and heart, answering many of our deep inner questionings and wonderings. 'A Consciousness Eucharist', included in the appendices at the end of the book, is truly inspired and it would be wonderful to see this make its way into Anglican liturgy as the twenty first century progresses. This book has made a huge impact on my spiritual life and I hope Don won't leave it too long before writing his next book! ~ Sarah Reader, Amazon UK

5* review: Christianity Revisioned Don MacGregor is an excellent guide to new understanding of what is now known scientifically, using the insights of quantum physics. In his book Blue Sky God: the Evolution of Science and Christianity (2012 Circle Books) Don shows how the modern understanding of the effect of Consciousness as a creative force radically changes how we now can view creation as having a divine origin. Don is qualified both in science and Christianity, viewed broadly and not from a single traditional viewpoint. His life experiences caused him to look seriously from multiple and interfaith viewpoints. The result is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the current updating of cosmology and theology. I am not claiming that I agree with everything that he says. But everything deserves pondering. He should help those who have got bogged down in the materialistic view that sees religion as purely a human construct and enable them to get a new vision of divine creation so that we have a new understanding of God as the Ground of our Being. He is also helpful in the exploration of healing and prayer. His exploration of new expressions of Christianity are also helpful as he helps us understand what we have learnt from current traditions which may have become distorted in transmission and see those traditional teachings in a new light so that we can deal better with current issues. This book is strongly recommended for those who want to retain or recover integrity of thought. ~ David Storey, Amazon UK

Blue Sky God is an interesting combination of new science with New Age Christian theology. Its adventurous thinking 'outside the box' is a helpful attempt to rewrite traditional views of God, Jesus, and liturgies, to be more relevant and meaningful to the contemporary world, and more inclusive of other faiths. The titles of the first four chapters might appear daunting to non-scientists: Quantum reality and God as Consciousness; Epigenetics, healing and prayer; Morphic fields and the works of Christ; The Quantum sea of light. But MacGregor is good at explaining difficult concepts in straightforward language, whether it is mainstream or often more speculative science. He stresses the primacy of consciousness in new physics where "we observe things into being". For him, "consciousness is what holds everything in being...through energy fields. Everything consists of energy fields not matter...each of us emits energy at a certain wave length". He advocates "panentheism, meaning all is held in God but it is not the same as God. The concept of God as the compassionate consciousness that holds all in being is therefore panentheistic". His beliefs are summarised in his own short "Creed of Consciousness" in which God "dwells in us and all creation and...Jesus...was a son of God, a fully human being who reached the depths of God-consciousness to become fully divine, and forged a path for the rest of humanity through the way of self-emptying and compassion". For MacGregor, there was no literal virgin birth and incarnation but he retains the resurrection of Jesus in some elusive physical form. Jesus, the Saviour, effected " a change in the morphic field of all humanity" and this was a "major evolutionary step in human consciousness. He becomes a receptor for the love of God". His Jesus "was able to raise his vibrational energy levels to bring healing to those around enabling their bodies to sort themselves out". He supports complementary medicine and composes a service of prayers for healing in an appendix but his book omits incurable children, born so handicapped as to be beyond the reach of medicine, which surely requires explanation to justify his compassionate God. Most of the time MacGregor wisely succeeds in avoiding an "anthropomorphic, person-like 'God made in our image' " and rejects "the duality of God 'up there' and we 'down here' ". His God is "Unitive Consciousness", "Oneness", "the Sacred Unity in which the whole universe exists", and "the Ground of our Being". To break free of some "restrictive" thinking by the Church, MacGregor offers his own "Consciousness Eucharist" as an appendix. But he writes with optimism and passion about the future, helped by contemplative prayer and by ethics based on the Golden Rule of "reciprocity". "The spiritual journey is to be transformed by love, letting go of the selfish nature, and entering into the compassionate consciousness that is God." So 'deification' from St Athanasius and others is taken literally so our "human destiny is to attain the consciousness of God, the unitive state, or wholeness, which is salvation". Readers willing to accept a little repetitiveness and embrace some mystical terminology, will be handsomely rewarded in these 270 pages. MacGregor is strong on illuminating assertions about the nature of God but weaker on argument for the existence of God. We are beneficiaries of his wide reading and extensive bibliography, though it surprisingly omits Freeman Dyson and Roger Blomquist. ~ Dr John Morris, Author of Contemporary Creed

Blue Sky God is an elegant weaving of science, consciousness studies and classic Christian wisdom.  It is a necessary breath of fresh air for our times.  Allow it to shake you,  awaken you and startle you with the realization that Christianity is indeed evolving and Don MacGregor is paving the way.  I recommend it highly. ~ Leslie Hershberger, author of Coming Home: An Integral Christian Practicum

 This is a brave and important book, dispelling confusions and misunderstandings, and making clear the relevance of a Christian path today. Don MacGregor integrates modern science, mystical experience, history, philosophy and biblical scholarship in a new synthesis that shows how religious practice is evolving in the twenty-first century. I particularly enjoyed his discussions of the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Birth. As the old dogmas of science and materialism break down, he gives good grounds for hope. ~ Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, author of ‘A New Science of Life’, ‘The Science Delusion’ and others

This is a fascinating and profound exploration of the deep resonances between the discoveries of the Christian Mystics and those of modern science. We are living in an era in which mystical and scientific proof are coming ever closer to open up for the human race a wholly new way of approaching reality and potentially solving the enormous problems that keeping science and religion apart have created. I salute the courage of this book and hope it will attain a large and enthusiastic audience. ~ Andrew Harvey, author of ‘The Hope: a Guide to Sacred Activism’, ‘Son of Man’ and others

This book is testimony to the length of a journey, through teaching physics, the Green Movement, University Chaplaincy, parochial ministry and into contemplative prayer. The interface between religion and science is becoming a creative field in which Don MacGregor offers a way through some of the uncertainties that bewilder people. It is to be hoped that the author will now produce a study guide for the non scientist in the pews to help them see that quantum physics may offer an affirmation of what many have felt for centuries but not been able to articulate since the enlightenment told them to keep their superstitions to themselves. Is this why the Prologue to St John’s Gospel still resonates so deeply for so many? ~ Revd Canon Jeremy Martineau, OBE

Blue Sky God is a passionate and inspiring call for us to understand the true message and example of Jesus in the contemporary world. WIth careful scholarship and flowing prose, Don MacGregor explains the insights of modern science and spirituality, and how they provide a new context for the healing and redemptive heart of Christian spirituality. With todays current interest in eastern and indigenous religions, it is important that we also appreciate and bring home the true power and love of Jesus. Don MacGregor succeeds in this significant task. The Appendix with its reformulations of the Christian Healing Service and Holy Communion also make Blue Sky God a valuable asset. I warmly recommend this book. ~ William Bloom, Author

A refreshing and ground-breaking book that opens up new avenues of understanding between spirituality, science and religion by formulating the Divine as the Ground of Being as Compassionate Consciousness and the role of Jesus as an exemplar of one who transcended his Egoic Operating System and replaced it with a fully developed Heart Operating System - thus showing us the transformative way of love and wisdom and thereby changing the morphic field of humanity. Dons new versions of the confession and creed come across as contemporary while remaining authentic to the tradition. The book is a bold and necessary statement. ~ David Lorimer, Programme Director of The Scientific and Medical Network, President of the Wrekin Trust.

For many of us, the churches have seemed like the flat earth society, hanging on to old interpretations of institutional faith despite our contemporary knowledge and understanding. Now, from within the ranks of the priesthood, comes a breakthrough book that offers a synthesis of science and spirituality as an opening for orthodoxy to make a quantum shift. Don MacGregor offers scientific explanations of the intuitive knowing so many have had and challenges us to expand our consciousness towards a more comprehensive world view. At last, on our awakening journey and regardless of different sectarian backgrounds, we can know the ‘Source’ or ‘God’ as the compassionate consciousness in which we all reside and embrace “love as the evolutionary driver for connection in the universe”. Blue Sky God is a must for everyone, both in theological colleges and the pews, the science labs and high street centres. We can meet together here in the unity of new understanding. ~ Janice Dolley, Development Director of the Wrekin Trust

Don MacGregor
Don MacGregor Don MacGregor grew up in Leicester UK, had a scientific education and did a BSc in Ergonomics at Loughborough University, graduating in 1975...
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