Creative Christian

Creative Christian

God and Us; Partners in Creation


We fear for our future as a human race. The whole world is crying out for a new vision, a new way of ordering our world. It is scarcely recognised that we have, in fact, already been given that vision. It has been preached for centuries but its appropriateness for our times is not appreciated. It was given to us by a man from a small village in Palestine who lived in an occupied country and gave hope to an oppressed peasantry. To be empowered by that vision today it is imperative to focus anew on the person and message of Jesus of Nazareth. Can this vision be applied to our fast-evolving world, in our chaotic multi-cultural society with total global communication and the universal fear of terrorism which forms the backdrop of our lives? It can, because we human beings possess the unique quality of being creative. We have it within our power to change the world.


I enjoyed reading this book immensely. Adrian encourages us to be vigilant about reading the ‘signs of the times’ and offers plenty of food for thought, so we can begin to perceive a pattern of consciousness unfolding. Adrian’s ideas will be controversial to the orthodox Christian, but for the thinking Christian they will be welcome. This book will help to hasten that quantum leap which requires a change of mind from all of us. ~ Elizabeth Medler, New Vision Magazine

The central theme of this book is Jesus' vision of "the kingdom of God" as a manifestation of God's plan for humanity from the beginning. With amazing skill we are drawn into these pages of lucid, elegant, clear writing and refreshingly positive thinking....I found it impossible to sumarise the contents of this unique book. There is so much of interest, of visinoary thinking. Each chapter stands on its own, one wants to read on and also go back. I couldn't put the book down and then had to read it again. ~ , CANA

Smith's ideas are well presented and coherent. There is an appeal to those increasingly aware of planetary change and other holistic issues. There are interesting, creative musings on Jesus and the way forward for the Christian Church. ~ , Open House

A rare, possibly unique, attempt to integrate a fresh understanding of christian theology with a contemporary understanding of spirituality. ~ , Living Spirituality News

Both an appetite whetter and a fountain from which to drink deeply. We are challenged to ask very deep questions of ourselves, whihc demand deep reflection. An inspiring vision of a creative Christian future is put before us. ~ , Renew

Extremely readable, it offers a different way of loking at modern progressive Christian theories about the gospels and the life of Jesus, and has led to lively discussions in my house, as I'm sure it will do in the houses of other readers. ~ , PCN

Well written, in easy to read short sections. I liked his encouragement to live in the "now" rather than forever living in the past or looking for something else in the future. ~ , Catholic Women's Network

Enlivening and stimulating, the author presents a new approach to Jesus and the Kingdom he spoke of, in the context of the evolution of our Universe. He reveals its meaning for us of the 21st century. ~ Hans Schrenk, Lecturer in Holy Scripture and Biblical Languages, Middlesex University

This book is a real appetite-whetter in its great scope and clarity. It succinctly gathers together the process and development of Science, Religion and Spirituality. Most importantly, it identifies the deep shifts in perspective that are taking place as we move towards globalisation. A truly inspirational vision for now and the future. ~ Mary Jo Radcliffe, Chair of The Guild of Pastoral Psychology and founder of Coping with Change

Who on EARTH was JESUS? by David Boulton

Who on EARTH was JESUS?

David Boulton

The only book on the market summarising the work of 40 international historical Jesus scholars - conservative, liberal and sceptical.

Virtually Christian by Anthony Bartlett

Virtually Christian

Anthony Bartlett

The point of Christianity has been to get to heaven. Its real point is changing human meaning here on earth.

Existentialism and Christian Zen by A William McVey

Existentialism and Christian Zen

A William McVey

the pursuit of the inner Christ mind approprate for traditional Christians, New Thought advocates and spirtual seekers; an East/West spirituality is emerging.

Questioning the Incarnation by Peter Shepherd

Questioning the Incarnation

Peter Shepherd

Providing an understanding of Jesus Christ which makes sense in the modern world.

Lost Narrative of Jesus, The by Peter Cresswell

Lost Narrative of Jesus, The

Peter Cresswell

The strange, fragmented story of the transfiguration is pieced together, revealing something altogether unexpected: the greatest Christian mystery resolved.

Quaker Quicks - What Do Quakers Believe? by Geoffrey Durham

Quaker Quicks - What Do Quakers Believe?

Geoffrey Durham

Everything you always wanted to know about Quakers, but never quite knew who to ask.

Quaker Quicks - Telling the Truth About God by Rhiannon Grant

Quaker Quicks - Telling the Truth About God

Rhiannon Grant

Telling the truth about God without excluding anyone is a challenge to the Quaker community.

Destination of the Species by Michael Meacher

Destination of the Species

Michael Meacher

What is the purpose of existence, and what are we here for? This book seeks to answer just that question. Government minister seeks meaning of life, the universe and everything

An Enlightened Philosophy by Geoff Crocker

An Enlightened Philosophy

Geoff Crocker

Even an atheist world needs human values - religion interpreted as myth offers a classic contribution

Contemporary Creed (revised edition) by John Morris

Contemporary Creed (revised edition)

John Morris

Unlike Richard Dawkins, the Contemporary Creed (revised edition) sees no conflict between evolution and God, faith and modern science.