Energizing Love

Energizing Love

Achieving Abundant Life using the Source of All Energy, UILE

A practical philosophy based on the energy of love, integrating science, emotions, subconscious and the common questions of spiritual seekers.


A 'Philosofree' of Love, science, art, community, non-judgment, wonder, mystery and joy.
Welcome to the paradigm of Universal Intentional Love Energy, which has the fortunate acronym of UILE (an ancient Irish word for ‘All’ or ‘Whole’).
Energy is what the entire universe is made from, and Philosofree identifies UILE as the source of all intentional motivation, intuition, love, compassion, creativity etc.
This book by Phil "Philosofree" Cheney initially explains how modern science and psychology helps us understand our true nature, and then shows practical ways to mine the message streams, to dig using them to get to the diamond inside each one of us, and to shine again.
Energizing Love shows how UILE can be found both in science and each of the major religions, and how important it is for us to return to the community of universal Love, without boundaries, rejection or judgment; to return to our true authentic being; to get home again, home free!
Full of stories, poems, myths, and wisdom, this book is intended to connect you personally to the oldest and most powerful energy source, and help UILE shine from within you.


WOW..... what a book! Just finished the last three chapters and must say that I thought I operated at a high level of awareness, but this work of art lifted me to even great levels! I really learned an abundant amount of life's purpose and meaning in the covers of 'Energizing Love'. A great gift offering is in this work! Read it and gain. ~ William Todd, Nikken International Thought leader

This is a fascinating book which mines deeply, then puts new gems on show! I love the concept of UILE, it is something I have been working on as an idea for a long time... I recommend this for everyone who desires more energy and passion in their lives. ~ Rob Gordon, Clinical Psychotherapist and Consultant

This book feels like a spiritual diamond to me. ~ Shandor Borbely, Anglican Priest

Phil Philosofree Cheney
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