God in the Bath

God in the Bath

Relaxing in the Everywhere Presence of God


This book has its roots in a very traditional understanding of God. In theological jargon, its about Gods omnipresence; God being everywhere. Because God is everywhere, we are, wherever we are, in God. It shouldnt, therefore, be difficult to believe in God. We dont have to struggle to get our head around impossible questions. We are already in God; so belief isnt like taking an exam, its like taking a bath. We need to learn to relax and let ourselves be revived in Gods presence. But looking more closely at what we find ourselves to be in, (including life, luck, love and person) the implications for our understanding of God are shocking and revolutionary. Here is a radical orthodoxy to give confidence to those who have given up on the fundamentalist expressions of faith that dominate the church today. Liberals are true to the heart of orthodox Christian doctrine on God. They are here encouraged to find their voice, demonstrate the deep roots of their faith, and above all, enjoy it.


This is a bold and innovative new way of writing anthropology from a theological perspective. Stephen grasps the power of the imagination to give our lives meaning, and now shows how we no longer need to rely on 'given' religious or philosophical truths...this makes a challenging read and I highly commend it to thoughtful Christians, and indeed members of all faiths and none currently struggling for a viable philosophy for 21st century living. ~ Dr David Hart, India Secretary Thiruvananthapuram, World Congress of Faiths

A bright and engaging restatement of Christian faith for today. ~ The Right Revd Richard Holloway, Author of Doubts and Loves

A penetrating, powerful, incisive exploration of what it really means to believe in God. For those despairing of irrational religious hysteria on one side and boring empty churches on the other, Stephen Mitchell in God in the Bath offers a viable compelling alternative. ~ John Shelby Spong, Author of The Sins of Scripture

This book took effect instantly. By page 6 I had run the bath and for the next 7 chapters or so was cosseted...on this I'm converted, the bath is definitely the place where the best philosophy is done. As a Lent Group book, this has everything going for it. ~ , Sofia

A challenging and radical approach to Christianity. This is a book to come back to again and again. ~ , Catholic Women's Network

A spiritual jewel, well worth a re-read. ~ , Faith and Freedom

An attractive series of essays. Repeated readings will plumb the depths contained. ~ , Franciscan

This little book is destined to become a spiritual classic...A wonderfully refreshing and invigorating reading of Christianity. ~ Nigel Leaves, Author of Odyssey and Surfing on the Sea of Faith

Stephen Mitchell is so entertaining that you don't at first realise how subtle he is. He's out to change the way we think - and to show that religious thought is still very much alive. ~ Don Cupitt, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell Stephen Mitchell is a retired Church of England priest who has worked as a Cathedral Precentor, school chaplain, Rural Dean and priest to ru...
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