Let the Bible Be Itself

Let the Bible Be Itself

Learning to read it right


This is likely to prove one of the most important books on the Bible from a committed Christian so far, the most honest and least bibliolatrous. John Henson, Author of "Good as New", "Other Communions of Jesus" etc. Let The Bible Be Itself examines where the Bible came from, what were the purposes for which it was originally intended, and how and why it became so central to the Christian faith. It asks: has the Bible ever in fact been the supreme authority for Christians? Was it really meant to be? The author suggests that we should give up approaching the Bible reverentially as an authority, trying to get our heads around all its problems, or – just as bad –pretending it really says the things we want it to say. The best way we can honor the Bible is by coming to it as we are and seeing it as it is. In this way we can enter into a real dialogue with it and appreciate what a marvelous, passionate, vibrant collection of writings it is. Ray Vincent is a Baptist minister and is an Associate Chaplain at the University of Glamorgan.


I thoroughly recommend it because I believe that if Christians follow these pointers [in this book] they will be able to read, mark and learn from the Bible in a fresh way that empowers their Christian pilgrimage. Rev Robert Draycott, Chaplain Eltham College ~ Rev Robert Draycott, Chaplain Eltham College

With Vision4Life encouraging us to re-engage with the Bible, the timing of this book is fitting. A comprehensive exploration of the history, traditions and circumstances that have produced today’s Bible challenge the reader to see not just what the Bible is, but also what it is not. Gems of enlightenment such as the significance of the timing of translations and the order of the modern Bible scatter the text….. Written in an easy, accessible style to reach out to all thinking Christians, this book is ideal for anyone who wants to engage with the Bible in a fresh way or to lead others to do so. However, it should be approached bearing in mind the caution that Vincent himself issues about the charm of the written word. “Even the most educated of us have to shake off an instinctive tendency to assume that if we read something in a book it must be true.” ~ Faith Paulding, Reform

All very well researched, in useful sections, with numerous examples. The tone is positive, the style calm, discursive and very readable. An extremely helpful and creative book. ~ The NEWSpaper

This is likely to prove one of the most important books on the Bible from a committed Christian so far, the most honest and least bibliolatrous. If we are to honor and value the scriptures truly, we must appreciate them for what they are and not for what they were not meant to be. ~ John Henson, Author of \"Good as New\", \"Other Communions of Jesus\" etc.

An honest book about what the Bible is and is not! Vincent exposes why millions of people misuse the Bible and cause havoc with it. All this is laid bare and a different, positive view of the Bible is offered to replace it. A necessary and excellent book! ~ Adrian Thatcher, Professorial Research Fellow in Applied Theology at the University of Exeter, UK

"The Bible is not Christianity. It is not identical with the Christian faith. It is a phenomenon... in close relation to... the faith". If that makes your hackles rise this is obviously the book for you. If not, you stand to benefit even more. Very readable, factual and reliable, informative and thought provoking. ~ Alec Gilmore, Author of \"A Concise Dictionary of Bible Origins and Interpretation\", \"Preaching as Theatre\", etc.

… a very helpful, positive and creative read. I can think of a number of conversations with evangelical and liberal Christians about the Bible which would have been enriched by this book. ~ Brian Haymes, Former Principal of Northern and Bristol Baptist Colleges and Minister of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London

This is a book pastors will want to put in the hands of parishioners who desire to take the Bible seriously and, at the same time, to grapple intelligently with challenges concerning the place of the scriptures in their lives. Ray Vincent presents readers with conclusions of responsible scholarship in a way that makes them accessible to the inquiring lay person. ~ Dale K. Edmondson, Retired Pastor, Judson Memorial Baptist Church, Minneapolis

"A thoughtful and thought provoking book about the history and authority of the Bible. It provides a clear and stimulating invitation to a vital conversation." ~ David Bartlett, Professor of New Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA.; Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT

Ray Vincent
Ray Vincent Ray Vincent is a Baptist minister, born 1936 in South Wales. After studying at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, and Regent's P...
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