Lives Around Us, The

Lives Around Us, The

Daily Meditations for Nature Connection

Close encounters with those who share our world.


The Lives Around Us is a series of short meditations for individuals or groups. It can serve as a Lent book or at any time of the year. Its purpose is to tap into the present public interest in nature connection and encourage this to be formed in concert with Bible reading and regular (daily or weekly) prayer.
Each chapter begins with descriptive reflection on a specific creature (animal, plant, fungus, mineral) followed by one or two thoughts about what we can do for them practically. There is a Bible reading and then a section that encourages prayer and sometimes a prayerful activity.


However it is read or used, it offers vital and valuable insights into the natural world and our relationships within God’s kingdom. ~ David Pickering, Reform Magazine | September 2016

This book weaves nature’s shimmering weft to timeless threads of Biblical reflection. ~ Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power

A book of surprises and challenges. I found it constantly making fresh and often unexpected connections that deepened my self-awareness, strengthened my vision and provoked me to pray in the midst of this amazing but too wounded world. ~ David Runcorn, author of Choice, Desire and the Will of God

Dan Papworth’s work on Daily Reflections for Nature Connection is both inspiring and unique. I think that it will make a wonderful book that people will return to time and again and encourage their friends to buy. When I first read the material I was struck by its simple and yet unusual captivating style and wondered why no one had thought of this approach before. Each of the themes, usually taking a distinct animal or plant, weaves together information from nature, scripture and about personal character. The simplicity and beauty of each entry belies the huge amount of work that Dan has done to research and reflect the ideas presented. I think it could even become a classic! ~ Noel Moules, author of Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace: a spiritual manifesto from a Jesus perspective

Dan Papworth
Dan Papworth Dan Papworth first trained in Environmental Science and later studied Theology, in which he has a Masters Degree. He was ordained in 1999 an...
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