No Faith In Religion

No Faith In Religion

some variations on a theme


If religion is characterised by the recruitment of God to serve our agendas, and faith is about putting our agendas at the service of God, then clearly there is too much religion in the world, and not enough faith.

The first eight chapters of this book apply this religion/faith dichotomy to some crucial areas of interest to those exploring what it might mean to be people of faith in a world saturated with religion. The remaining chapters address issues of crucial importance to the future of organised religion in general, and the role of the Church of England in particular.

From mediaeval polyphony to Andrew Lloyd Webber the development of a given theme through a sequence of variations has proved attractive to composers anxious to demonstrate the sometimes surprising potential of a simple melody. This book is a modest attempt to do something similar with two concepts, religion and faith, which are usually seen as simply synonymous but which are in fact subtly different and subject to being interwoven in numerous complex and unexpected ways.


Highly recommended for reading and enjoyment.

~ Wesley Carr, Theology

For me this was an enjoyable read, with pleanty of 'amens', though clearly written from within a Christian, and C of E perspective,the author invites a similar multi-faith exercise. ~ Ernest Baker, Faith and Freedom

Firmly and wonderfully Anglican in their breadth, his writings consider relics, revelation and redemption; the nature of ministry, discipleship and evangelism; folk religion and vicarious faith; the branding of Christianity; the media and soap opera; and Dawkins and Kirkegaard in a thought-provoking, yet readable form. ~ Liz Chave, The NEWSpaper, Hereford Diocese

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