Perfect Freedom

Perfect Freedom

"a reasonable, realistic introduction to ideas about [liberal] Christianity in the modern world" Kate Adie BBC


Is there room in the Church and in society today for a faith that takes the Bible and traditional teaching seriously but not literally? Or that sees Christianity as a developing tradition with its share of mistakes but one which still provides people with the best framework for encountering God and living a fulfilling life? This book is written in an accessible style out of a deep love of the Church and the traditions and scholarship that have enriched it. Brian Mountford sets out a liberal Christian position that is biblical, open, liturgically conservative, traditional, ethical and concerned with Christian action. In the clash between liberalism and fundamentalism that bedevils the Church today he is always on the side of critical theology, real religion, and poetic language about deep truth. He believes in the reality of God but finds him in the wound rather than the bandage. For those searching for a credible faith this book is the perfect introduction to the best that Christianity has to offer.


Wonderful, lively and robust explanation and defence of a more liberal attitude to Christianity. If you want to know what liberal Christianity is like in a few punchy sentences and a good deal of honesty from the author then this book is for you. ~ , The Door

An excellent exposition of liberal Christianity. ~ , Unitarian Christian

Delightful, compelling, escapes the confines of narrow piety to rejoice in the achievements of this world. A persuasive case for Christian beliefs in the contempory ~ , Renew

Eirenic. Read the book yourself, and give a copy to your bishop. ~ , Church Times

Mountford's open-minded, liberal faith and intelligence stand out. ~ , Oxford Times

I loved it, and hope it is influential where it counts. ~ Keith Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford

In the urgently necessary conversation between the different traditions of the church this lucid book will help evangelicals and Catholics understand the mind of liberalism and the heart of the liberal Christian. Brian Mountford writes passionately for the mind and from the heart about truth, "deep truth" with a small "t". ~ James Jones, Anglican Bishop of Liverpool and broadcaster

Enquire within - and learn about liberal Christianity: a reasonable, realistic introduction to ideas about Christianity in the modern world, in an age dominated by secular consumer desires and fundamental strictures. Not a theological tome, but an accessible guide to faith, lit by pertinent personal reflection. ~ Kate Adie, BBC Chief News Correspondent and Journalist

Brian Mountford
Brian Mountford Brian Mountford MBE is a Fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford and a free lance writer and speaker. Until 2016 he was the Vicar of the univer...
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