Questioning the Incarnation

Questioning the Incarnation

Formulating a meaningful Christology

Providing an understanding of Jesus Christ which makes sense in the modern world.


The classic Christological formulations of the 4th and 5th Centuries are basically meaningless today. Questioning the Incarnation offers a new approach to Christology based on modern biblical, scientific and philosophical studies. Whilst using different concepts and language and courting controversy and disagreement, the overall thrust of the study is to take Jesus' humanity seriously, whilst seeking to interpret what may be meant by his 'divinity' in a way that remains fully Trinitarian and which takes seriously the intentions of the early Church Fathers.


‘Questioning the Incarnation’ is then a book with a wealth of knowledge revealing the author’s passion to offer a new approach to Christology and shows clearly a lifetime’s commitment to learning and to a loyalty to much of the historic claims of the Christian faith. ~ Adrian Alker, Chair, Progressive Christianity Network Britain.

Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd The Revd Canon Dr Peter Shepherd was formerly Headmaster of Canon Slade 11 – 18 CE School in Bolton. He was ordained to a self-supporting ...
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