Sing Out for Justice

Sing Out for Justice

The Poetry and Passion of the Hebrew Prophets

An invitation to read the prophets, feel their passion, and be surprised by their relevance.


The Old Testament prophets were not just predictors of things that would happen long after their time. Nor were they purveyors of religious platitudes. They were people with an urgent message for their own generation and a passion to declare it whatever the risk. They were singers, poets, demonstrators and protesters, radical critics of their own society and dreamers of a world that could be different.


This is an excellent, highly readable introduction to the Hebrew prophets, one which brings them to life and makes them speak to our own perceptions and concerns. The author has an all-too-rare knack of making honest biblical scholarship entertaining and relevant, and manages to clarify awkward issues of date, authorship and history without ever being boring. It should be strongly recommended to anyone who thinks the Old Testament is dull. ~ The Very Revd Dr Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans

Ray Vincent is a master of his brief with a deep knowledge and understanding of the prophets. Not only will we want to look again at the original texts but he brings them to life and ignites our imagination making them relevant for us today. This is an exciting book that at times embraces us and carries us along at a speed that is worthy not only of a scholar but of an award winning novelist! ~ The Revd Lord Roger Roberts of Llandudno

Sing Out for Justice invites us to enter the world of the Hebrew Prophets, the poets and preachers who used words and actions to offer an alternative way of living for the people of Israel. They were those who longed and lived for justice and righteousness in the face of oppression and violence, and they sought nothing less than the transformation of their society.Ray Vincent offers an accessible and inspiring introduction to the Hebrew Prophets, and those who accept his invitation to encounter these ancient characters afresh will meet voices that echo down the millennia in ways that speak to the contemporary world every bit as powerfully as they spoke to their first hearers.This book will certainly appeal to preachers and pastors, and to others looking for resources for Bible Study in church life. But it will also be of value to those who are looking for inspiration to see the world differently, and to find strength and encouragement to challenge the unjust powers that dominate so much of modern life. From politics to peaceful living, the Hebrew Prophets call to the depths of the human condition and invite transformation and change. Sing Out for Justice brings their words to life once more. ~ Rev Dr Simon Woodman, BloomsburyCentral Baptist Church, London, UK

The Bible next to me has 300 pages’ worth of prophetic writings, from Isaiah to Malachi. They are some of the least read pages in the book, apart from a handful of familiar, glowing passages, almost always taken out of context. Ray Vincent gives us the whole of the prophetic literature back as scripture, bringing each prophet’s voice to life within a beautifully concise overview of their settings and situations. He enables each to speak anew by drawing parallels with challenges we face today. The result is a dynamic encounter with some of the most passionate religious insight ever put into writing. ~ The Revd Roberta Rominger, United Church of Christ Pastor, Former General Secretary of the United Reformed Church, UK

I am indebted to Ray Vincent for this timely contribution to the theological and public conversation on social justice. I have every confidence that his work will be valued and well received. I very much appreciate this valuable reflection. ~ Canon Aled Edwards, OBE, Chief Executive, Cytun/Churches Together in Wales

The Old Testament prophets are little read and poorly understood, yet we need their teaching for the 21st century. Ray Vincent introduces them with a story-teller's eye and shares their heart for justice. ~ Dr Tim Bulkeley, Honorary Lecturer in Theology, University of Auckland

Ray Vincent
Ray Vincent Ray Vincent is a Baptist minister, born 1936 in South Wales. After studying at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, and Regent's P...
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