Thoughtful Guide to Faith

Thoughtful Guide to Faith


The Thoughtful Guide series is for serious spiritual seekers looking to deepen their knowledge of a particular religion. The books are very accessible overviews of the history and the benefits that a particular religious practice can bring to the reader, well-researched and well balanced. The authors eschew fundamentalism and excessive simplifications, mapping out paths that can be followed with the mind as well as the heart.

This book is for anyone who would like to take faith seriously but finds their intelligence getting in the way. It outlines, in 37 short chapters, many of the objections raised to formal Christian religion, and suggests ways of dealing with them which do not compromise people's intellectual integrity. It sometimes seems that religion is only for those who can switch their brains off, and so many bizarre things are said in the name of Christianity that it's hardly surprising if most thinking people want nothing to do with it. The claim made here is that Christianity is far more about the way we live than the way we think, that faith can work for all of us, and that what we may or may not believe must never be allowed to get in the way of faith.


Tony Windross lives close enough to his people to know what they think. He also honors their questions rather than pretending that religion has all the answers. In these delightful essays he raises the questions of faith and values that all modern people raise and he offers a refreshing, challenging alternative to the religion of control. This book will escape the walls of the church and be debated everywhere. ~ John Shelby Spong, Former Bishop of Newark

A 'bombe surprise', Tony Windross's book is unexpectedly lively, adventurous and radical. ~ Don Cupitt, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Tony Windross's no-nonsense approach to religion will appeal to thinking people for whom intellectual integrity is an essential component of faith. The Thoughtful Guide is the best tool for evangelism yet developed for twenty-first century people. Those who have given up on the church because the institution seemed out of touch with reality will find ample reasons for bothering again about Christianity. ~ Jim Adams, President of The Center for Progressive Christianity

Tony Windross continues an important tradition of exploratory theology which is part of the Anglican tradition of which this book is an excellent example. ~ Rt Rev Stephen Platten, Bishop of Wakefield

I have a huge amount of sympathy for the approach you are taking, since one of the weakest areas in the contemporary church is developing a robust apologetic for the Christian faith. ~ Rt Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich

An easy and compelling read, and a useful corrective for those who assume that a radical and non-realist approach to Christian belief necessarily involves a watering-down of commitment. Tony Windross,/b> plainly finds immense value and meaning in a Christianity freed from the underpinnings of traditional theology. He cherishes its emphasis on love and openess to others, and wants to encourage people uncomfortable with more dogmatic forms of the christian faith to expolre ways of living the teachings of Jesus, without depending on the literal acceptance of traditional statements of belief. ~ , Faith and Freedom

If you spend way too much time 'in your head' this may be the book for you. ~ Odyssey

Tony Windross
Tony Windross Tony Windross is an Anglican minister in Kent, England, with degrees from Cambridge University.
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