Tomorrow's Christian

Tomorrow's Christian


What are the sources of true Christianity? Tradition or Scripture? Experience? How far should our interpretation accommodate modern knowledge?

Some take refuge in fundamentalism, others in emotion, many are leaving the Church. But there are others, called here "tomorrow's Christian", who struggle to bring together in a meaningful way traditional Christianity and a contemporary, nourishing understanding and expression of it.

36 short chapters sum up the characteristics of tomorrow's Christian. One who is questioning, ecologically aware, global, evolving, non-theistic, balanced, right-brain, scriptural, prophetic, peace-making, forgiving, empowered, Jesus-following, seeking, free, discerning, post-modernist, meditating, mystical and others. Ideal for discussion groups, and all individuals looking outside their churches for a way to live as Christians.


This books has the virtue of crystallising our innermost instincts, thus giving us a firmer foundation of faith on which to rest. ~ Marie Mares, New Vision

An inspiring and multi-faceted vision of Tomorrow's Christian. The layout with many short chapters makes the book easy to read and digest. I enjoyed reading this book immensely. I find it stimulating and encouraging. ~ Philip Sheppard, Christians Awakening to a New Awareness

The author has given an insight into what future Christians will believe, feel, think and hope...and a whole lot more besides. Based on the values of Jesus of Nazareth, the book fast forwards several decades, making it clear that Tomorrow's Christians will be much more like Jesus than most of those who have lived in the last 2000 years. Those who have already given up on the Churches will be greatly uplifted by this forward-thinking book. ~ Frank Pycroft, ONE for Christian Exploration

For those of us who may despair at the present state of the Church, we look for books that give a clear line without false shortcuts to popularity. There are those like Adrian Smith who have not their wish to proclaim the Gospel clearly and in communion with the Catholic elements of the Churches. Here he gives clear expositions of the desirable attitudes and aspects of Tomorrow's Christian. This book is not for those who want a quiet life. You will be challenged to become a much better and more exciting person to be with! ~ David Storey, The Modern Churchpeople's Union

We are indebted to the author for a wide-ranging, challenging and ultimately hopeful invitation to become Tomorrow's Christians. ~ , Living Spirituality Network

...courageously tackles issues that we know cannot be avoided. A timely book that makes a valuable contribution in these in-between times in which we live today, a valuable contribution to the process and debate of moving from an outdated paradigm to wherever the Spirit is leading us. It is the only way by which we can grow to spiritual maturity, and journey with others on the path to wholeness. Recommended. ~ , The Christian Parapsychologist

This book has the virtue of crystallising our innermost instincts, thus giving us a firmer foundati of faith on which to rest. There is a wholeness and wholesomeness about this search for the new Christian striving to reconcile today's world with the errors of two thousand years ago. There is a whittling away of additions and a strengthening of inner life and a wider view while remaining loyal to the Christ and realising afresh the core and meaning of his teaching. Be kind to yourself and keep this book with you. ~ , New Vision

A thoroughly user-friendly handbook, a pragmatic leap forward. this is not a book for those who want a quiet and easy life! ~ , Catholic Women's Network

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