World Religions Bible, A

World Religions Bible, A

The world's first Bible, with an attractive colour design, that gives equal weight to different religious traditions.


From as far back in time as history records, human beings have sought the truth-some order or entity that unifies all existence. Sometimes these have been codified in certain writings approved as scriptural, other less centralised traditions have collections of sayings and stories, still others have passed on their wisdom orally.

This collection contains all three types of tradition, providing a unique overall view of the collective spiritual wisdom of humanity. Despite the variety of form and style, the common insights shine brilliantly through, and the introductions to each tradition provide a succinct summary of how we can relate this wisdom to our own lives today.

The volume contains twelve chapters, each with thirty one readings, so it can be read with ease through the year as a means of education, reference or inspiration. An introduction to each tradition covers origins, teachings, expressions and themes that are relevant tor us today, written in a readable style suitable for most age groups.


Outstanding collection of religious wisdom, never has so much wisdom been concentrated in such a small space, an outstanding choice for point-of-purchase display. ~ New Age Retailer

A beautiful book to handle. There is an invitation to roam, it will inspire many readers. ~ New Connexions

An admirable book to own personally for reflection and meditation, with the possibility of contemplating a different extract a day over an entire year. As Friends grow to know the book then they will be able to turn to it for reference and reading on a Sunday, just as they currently would to the Old and New Testaments today. It is our hope that the use of this splendid anthology will grow. We recommend it to all Friends for their personal enrichment. ~ The Friend

Robert Van de Weyer
Robert Van de Weyer The editor is Robert Van de Weyer, an Anglican minister in Cambridgeshire, England, now serving a church committed to global spirituality, a...
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