Forthcoming Books

Psychedelic Christianity by Jack Call

Psychedelic Christianity

On the ultimate goal of living

Jack Call

Jul 2018

Psychedelic experience and Christianity are guiding stars to the ultimate goal of living.

Christian Middle Way, The by Robert M. Ellis

Christian Middle Way, The

The case against Christian belief but for Christian faith

Robert M. Ellis

Jul 2018

A comprehensive vision of how Christianity can lose its dogma without losing its meaning.

Quaker Quicks - Quaker Roots and Branches by John Lampen

Quaker Quicks - Quaker Roots and Branches

John Lampen

Jul 2018

Quaker witness in the world today, its rationale, and how it derives from the insights of earlier Quaker generations.

Past Perfect by Stephen Mitchell

Past Perfect

freedom from perfection in life and faith

Stephen Mitchell

Sep 2018

Perfect has lost nearly all meaning. A way of life, faith and theology without perfection.

Urban Myths of Popular Modern Atheism, The by Paul E. Hill

Urban Myths of Popular Modern Atheism, The

How Christian Faith Can Be Intelligent

Paul E. Hill

Feb 2019

How Atheists rely on urban myths about religion to buttress their case against God.

Quaker Quicks - What Do Quakers Believe? by Geoffrey Durham

Quaker Quicks - What Do Quakers Believe?

Geoffrey Durham

Mar 2019

Everything you always wanted to know about Quakers, but never quite knew who to ask.

Quaker Quicks - Telling the Truth About God by Rhiannon Grant

Quaker Quicks - Telling the Truth About God

Quaker approaches to theology

Rhiannon Grant

Mar 2019

Telling the truth about God without excluding anyone is a challenge to the Quaker community.

  • Tess WardTess WardTess Ward was a psychiatric nurse and is now an Anglican priest and spiritual director/counsellor. S...
  • Rex AmblerRex AmblerRex Ambler was a lecturer in theology at Birmingham University for over thirty years, and is retired...
  • Tony WindrossTony WindrossTony Windross is an Anglican minister in Kent, England, with degrees from Cambridge University.
  • Keith SharpeKeith SharpeKeith Sharpe is an early retired professor of education. He has published widely in books and academ...
  • Don MacGregorDon MacGregorDon MacGregor grew up in Leicester UK, had a scientific education and did a BSc in Ergonomics at Lou...
  • Noel MoulesNoel MoulesNoel Moules is a thinker, teacher and activist for peace, justice and deep ecology. He is always eag...
  • Richard KirkerRichard Kirker
  • Andrew LinzeyAndrew LinzeyThe editors are: Andrew Linzey, Senior Research Fellow of Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford, an...
  • David BoultonDavid BoultonDavid Boulton was Head of Current Affairs at Granada Television, where he won a Royal Television So...
  • Jennifer KavanaghJennifer KavanaghJennifer Kavanagh worked in publishing for nearly thirty years, the last fourteen as an independent ...
  • Una KrollUna KrollUna Kroll, MD, is a doctor and priest who practiced many years in a pastoral setting. A devoted camp...
  • Shirley du BoulayShirley du Boulay
  • Brian MountfordBrian MountfordBrian Mountford MBE is a Fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford and a free lance writer and speaker. U...
  • Rev. Dr. Malcolm JohnsonRev. Dr. Malcolm JohnsonRev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson is a retired Anglican priest. He has always been open about his sexuality a...
  • James WarrenJames WarrenJames Warren holds an M.Div. degree, and works as a professional speaker. He presents "Magic With A ...