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Gays and the Future of Anglicanism by Richard Kirker, Andrew Linzey

Gays and the Future of Anglicanism

Richard Kirker
Andrew Linzey

Sep 2005

Reflects on the future shape of the Church.

God in the Bath by Stephen Mitchell

God in the Bath

Stephen Mitchell

Oct 2006

Perfect Freedom by Brian Mountford

Perfect Freedom

Brian Mountford

Jul 2005

"a reasonable, realistic introduction to ideas about [liberal] Christianity in the modern world" Kate Adie BBC

Tomorrow's Christian by Adrian B. Smith

Tomorrow's Christian

Adrian B. Smith

Apr 2005

Thoughtful Guide to Faith by Tony Windross

Thoughtful Guide to Faith

Tony Windross

Dec 2003

Let the Bible Be Itself by Ray Vincent

Let the Bible Be Itself

Ray Vincent

Nov 2008

Ashram Diary by Thomas Matus

Ashram Diary

Thomas Matus

Feb 2009

Pilgrimage to Indias Saccidananda Ashram, where Christian guru Bede Griffiths taught, led Thomas Matus to rethink his identity and faith.

Buddhist Christianity by Ross Thompson

Buddhist Christianity

Ross Thompson

Aug 2010

A wide-ranging, searching and partly autobiographical argument that it is reasonable and beneficial to combine definitely Christian and Buddhist commitments.

Setting Jesus Free by John Churcher

Setting Jesus Free

John Churcher

Dec 2009

In the Bible, things need not be literally true for them to be experienced as truth in daily life.

No Faith In Religion by Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee

No Faith In Religion

Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee

Sep 2009

I Met God in Bermuda by The Rev'd Dr Steven Ogden

I Met God in Bermuda

The Rev'd Dr Steven Ogden

Jul 2009

Life is an exasperating yet wonderful mess. It's here, not in dry dogma or empty ritual, that we find faith.

Charis - The Human Voice of the Holy Bible by Mark Cathcart

Charis - The Human Voice of the Holy Bible

Mark Cathcart

Oct 2010

Charis explores the psychology of human forces that inspired the writings and uses of the biblical scriptures.

Reclaiming Jesus by Ian Breckenridge

Reclaiming Jesus

Ian Breckenridge

Jan 2011

Jesus re-examined without the supernatural. A fresh logic emerges, and a big man we never knew before. Compelling. OR Here is a Jesus we never knew, startlingly alive, walking towards us, catching our eye. Authentic, convincing, extraordinary.

Word of God / Words of Men by Daniel Frankforter

Word of God / Words of Men

Daniel Frankforter

Jul 2011

When the Bible is read like an ordinary book, human words replace God's Word--with dire religious and social consequences.

Seeking Justice by Keith Hebden

Seeking Justice

Keith Hebden

Jan 2013

Experiments in Jesus-oriented principles and practices of reimagining and building a new world in the shell of the old.

Compassion Or Apocalypse? by James Warren

Compassion Or Apocalypse?

James Warren

May 2013

How René Girard changes the way we think about God and the Bible, and its relevance for our apocalypse-threatened world.

Two Faces of Christianity, The by Richard Markham Oxtoby

Two Faces of Christianity, The

Richard Markham Oxtoby

Aug 2014

Uneasy bedfellows at best, but all too often like actively warring sibling rivals, Christianity is a split personality.

God Needs Salvation by Hugh Rock

God Needs Salvation

Hugh Rock

Nov 2014

A protest against what we currently suppose religion to be.

Treasure Beneath the Hearth by Edward Walker

Treasure Beneath the Hearth

Edward Walker

Feb 2015

Christianity: "life-preserving myth" (Jung), or pre-scientific relic? A fresh look at the gospels in the light of modern scholarship and depth psychology

Dreams and Resurrection by Jack Call

Dreams and Resurrection

Jack Call

Nov 2014

This book demonstrates that an empirical approach to the question of personal immortality is consistent with psychedelic experience and Christianity.

Bread Not Stones by Una Kroll

Bread Not Stones

Una Kroll

Dec 2014

Spiritual autobiography of a truly remarkable woman and a history of the struggle for ordination in the Church of England.

Why the Gospel of Thomas Matters by Gethin Abraham-Williams

Why the Gospel of Thomas Matters

Gethin Abraham-Williams

Jul 2015

In a world of religious intolerance and bigotry, the case for embracing doubt and questioning through the Gospel of Thomas.

Christian Animism by Shawn  Sanford Beck

Christian Animism

Shawn Sanford Beck

May 2015

Come follow the Cosmic Christ on the path of the green priesthood, deep into the heart of a living web of Divine Creation.

Is a Radical Church Possible?  by Adrian Alker

Is a Radical Church Possible?

Adrian Alker

Mar 2016

Is radical criticism of the Church by its ministers the enemy within or its salvation?

Lives Around Us, The by Dan Papworth

Lives Around Us, The

Dan Papworth

Jun 2016

Close encounters with those who share our world.

Trouble with Christianity, The by Richard Markham Oxtoby

Trouble with Christianity, The

Richard Markham Oxtoby

Apr 2016

What is it about Christianity that deters spiritually aware people from engaging with the religion?

Death of the Church and Spirituality Reborn, The by Reverend  John

Death of the Church and Spirituality Reborn, The

Reverend John

Apr 2017

If God truly guides the Church then where on Earth is He taking it?

Questioning the Incarnation by Peter Shepherd

Questioning the Incarnation

Peter Shepherd

Mar 2018

Providing an understanding of Jesus Christ which makes sense in the modern world.

Christian Middle Way, The by Robert M. Ellis

Christian Middle Way, The

Robert M. Ellis

Jul 2018

A comprehensive vision of how Christianity can lose its dogma without losing its meaning.