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Windsor Report by Jonathan Clatworthy

Windsor Report

Jonathan Clatworthy

Feb 2005

How can the Anglican Church maintain its unity while recognising the wide diversity of opinion about homosexuality

Gay Disciple, The by John Henson

Gay Disciple, The

John Henson

Jan 2007

An eye-opening look at what life was like in Palestine during the life of Jesus.

Gay Gospels, The by Keith Sharpe

Gay Gospels, The

Keith Sharpe

Jul 2011

This book refutes the idea that the Bible is homophobic and makes visible the gay lives and validated homoerotic experience to be found in it.

Life in Paradox by Paul Edward Murray

Life in Paradox

Paul Edward Murray

Jul 2008

This personal odyssey and eventual self-acceptance of his homosexuality charts a radical transformation in Fr Murray's understandings of God, church, and society

Liberal Faith in a Divided Church by Jonathan Clatworthy

Liberal Faith in a Divided Church

Jonathan Clatworthy

Jun 2008

Argues the case for an open, progressive Christianity, and explains why conservative and liberal Christians are locked in combat

Gays and the Future of Anglicanism by Richard Kirker, Andrew Linzey

Gays and the Future of Anglicanism

Richard Kirker
Andrew Linzey

Sep 2005

Reflects on the future shape of the Church.

If It Wasn't Love: Sex, Death and God by Bernard J. Lynch

If It Wasn't Love: Sex, Death and God

Bernard J. Lynch

May 2012

This is a book about Life, Love, Sexuality, Death and God. Lynch challenges the Vatican’s ban on same-sex love and hits back with his own shocking revelations of abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland.

Diary Of A Gay Priest by Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson

Diary Of A Gay Priest

Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson

Aug 2013

Full of anecdotes and amusing stories, but the Church is still a dangerous place for a gay priest.

Honest Life, An by Geoffrey Hooper

Honest Life, An

Geoffrey Hooper

Mar 2015

Unlocking gay sexuality and authentic faith.